Stephen Sondheim

I love theatre, so to all you theatre geeks you all know who Stephen Sondheim is. He is a composer and lyricist of many,stephen-sondheim many musicals. I really love all his muiscals that I have seen. Some have been translated to the big screen. He has written many such as…….. Anyone Can Whistle, Company, Follies, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Gypsy, Into the Woods, A Little Night Music, Merrily We Roll Along, Pacific Overtures, Passion, Sunday in the Park with George, Sweeney Todd, and West Side Story. He has many more, but these are the main ones. I have seen Gypsy (movie), Into the Woods (Recorded verison of musical), and  Sunday in the Park with George (recorded version of musical). I haven’t seen the others, but heard the music.

Like I said earlier some have seen tranlated to the big screen. Gypsy was made in 1962, Into the Woods made in 1991, A Little Night Music mad in 1978, Sunday in the Park withGeorge made in 1986, West Side Story made in 1961, and finally Sweeney Todd made in 2007.

His music is so odd you know right away that he did it. I love all his music in all of his shows.

Pride in myself

Having pride can be difficult in our everyday busy lives, but if we stop and think lots of us have tons of pride. One time that stands out to me was when I got a gold medal at the state piano competition.

I have worked really hard on playing the piano. I have been playing for 7 years and got to go to state the previous year, but decided against it. This year though was different I wanted to try something new. To get to go to state you must first get a 1 in your district. For me I had to go to a town not so far away and compete. Overall it went well and I got selected to go to the state level. While district wasn’t so far away, state was. So as we got in the car at 6 my mind was going crazy on going over my pieces and the theroy information. I went in the the room to play for the judge and she was really nice. Then I had to go take my theroy test (ugh!) in a classroom with lots of other people. I’m not complaining, but the peole who we in charge were really loud! Anyway I waited for them to post results and then I saw the 1 marked by my name! I got to pick up a trophy.

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Ahh…A perfect day for a wedding

As about everyone on the planet now knows who will be England’s future king and queen will be. On Saturday William and Kate got married in Westminster Abbey. The queen got a front row seat to see her grandson say his vows to Kate Middleton. In the US many people got up a 4 am! (I was not one of those people, but my grandparents were!) I thought that her dress was just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say William did a good job on the ring. Giving the fact that it was his mother’s engagement ring I thought its was very sweet that William would give Kate such a meaningful thing. I have some pictures down, please check them out!
Britain Royal Wedding

The game is on…. The game is on……

For our blogging challenge we had to play this game where you would go to other people’s blogs and look at them. The first blog I went to was I commented on her persuasive writing blog. I choose that one because I agree with it. The next blog I went to was I commented on her Migrating to Hawaii, I have always wanted to visit. Another blog I went to was I also commented on his post about having cell phones in classrooms.

And so we repeat, I went to and commented on the purple post. Purple is just an amazing color! The next one was Her Driven by Love poem things was good. what colors mean to me was awesome!

The next time I went to I love the Hunger Games too! Next was she sounds like she has cool life. Finally was their money vs. love was really cool.

The next time I do it I went to and commented on their War, the place where animals were saved. The next blog I went to was I commented on My favorite singer, I had never heard of the their favorite sing but they said he had a good voice. Finally was I commented on their Migration of People. They live in Vietnam then came to America for a year.

The last time was I commented on the Teen Mom 2 post. It would be terrible to have a child at only 18! Then it was off to I commeted in on the My turn to talk post. This was really cool because it tells the way people treat each other. And finally it was I commented on the Fear post. We all have fear in our life and sometimes we just need to face it.

Thanks for reading this long post (if you can get down to the bottom!)

Amazing Story

WICKEDI’ve been to many different places and seen a LOT of musicals, but the toughest thing is when you people ask “you what did you like the best?” Well of course I’m going to say the shows, but then they go on to say “what your favorite one?” HARD QUESTION!!!! But I have to come up with an answer and that would be Wicked. I have seen it 3 times one on the national tour, in London, and finally Broadway. When I saw in the national tour it was for my 12th birthday with a few friends. This spring it’s coming back to Nebraska and I have friends who are seeing it. My godmother lives in London we went last summer. I hadn’t seen her in 7 years! To spend some time together we went to Wicked which she hadn’t seen yet. (She loved it!) Finally we went to New York in Feburary and there’s a story with getting my ticket. The tickets were $130 each when we checked, we thought that was way to much. We saw a poster about a behind the scenes tour you could go on. Those were only $30 each so that’s what we did. After that was done there was a drawing to see if you could get tickets for $25 each. Well we didn’t win that either. Sunday we went and stood in the cancellation line for an hour. Then we were up next, and they only had 1 ticket left! My amazing parents said we will take it. So over all I went to Wicked in New York City by myself, how many 13 year olds can say that??


ipad_hero_20100403Ipads are the thing of the future. We will get to load apps on them and some I will choose is the iBook app. It lets you download books for a pretty reasonable price. I would also download the BBC mobial app because who wouldn’t want to know what is going on in the world? Since I love music it would be really cool to have the Pandora app because it gives you all the types of music you like. The Today app would cool to have because they update it constently and it gives you great info. We have Macs that we work on in school, but having the iMoive app is cool because it lets you work on projects at the touch of your fingertips. Now because I’m not a brainiac (if thats a word) I need a dictionary. gives you almost any difinition you could hope for. For taking notes there is an app called Quick Note. This lets you take notes very (the name of the app is very helpful for finding out what the app does). For all the homework we have using iHomework might be handy. This gives you a calendar to remind you when you projects, tests, ect. For science I could use the Weather Channel app. You can check you weather locally or worldwide. Finally I would download the Garageband app. This app is just like the program on the Mac computers, it lets you create your own music for projects.

A picture that show a thousand words

With all the things going on in the world today I think that it is import to stop and remember all of our soldier fighting today. 6427_IraqSoldierCryingI don’t know how I would handle if my mom or dad got deported. I want to thank all those serving right now and in the past. I think this picture show how the hard the world can hit us. I think that this man has just lost a close friend or spouse even. I think it also shows how every day can be a struggle for these brave men and women. I don’t know what day to day can be like, but I can imagine it’s very difficult. So I would like to leave with saying this, please remember these amazing men and women.